Plane Management

Let JSA help you select the best management solution for your needs and then be your advocate for optimized results. Do you have a trusted Advisor that handles the supervision of your part 135 or part 91 management team? JSA will guide you through these complex decisions.

Are your currently receiving an annual competitive market analysis for operations costs?

Jet Senters Aviation allows you to enjoy all the benefits of aircraft ownership without all the responsibility, overhead, or hassles. JSA’s experts focus on taking all the hassles out of ensuring you are getting the best from your management team.

JSA will take the lead in communicating with your aircraft services providers ensuring that you are getting the attention you deserve.  We hold monthly management calls to provide feedback measure results.  We will diligently ensure that the relationship between the plane owner, the pilots and the management company is seamless.

What is being done about Charter?

JSA will direct the marketing strategy to maximize the desired results in addition to communication on the day to day expectations and needs.    

JSA is the perfect option for owners who wish to produce revenue to offset costs of aircraft operations, while simply enjoying reliable and convenient travel via your investment.

JSA has the expertise managing daily operations as well as complex regulatory requirements. Our focus on the management of your aviation asset allows you to fly easy, knowing the safety, security, and services provided by JSA are second to none.

Please call us to discuss how we can enhance your experience with your management team or if you need helping picking a management team.