Sixth annual TEDxBigSky highlights the power of resilience

By Gabrielle Gasser and Tucker Harris EBS STAFF

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Overcoming adversity 

The final perspective on resilience offered by speaker Lisa Senters-McDermott, focused on perseverance in the face of adversity.

Now the CEO and founder of Jet Senters Aviation, Senters-McDermott worked hard for years, ignoring the naysayers in her life,  to build her career as an entrepreneur. 

“I know not to ask permission. I trust my gut. I believe dreams can be prophetic,” she said. “I know the brain conspires to help us. And I know that life is precious and a whole lot of fun.”

Reflecting on her talk and the meaning of resilience after the event, Senters-McDermott said that she hopes attendees left her talk with the message that they should all follow their own unique passions rather than trying to fit into a prescribed societal mold.

“Resilience is what separates the quitters from those that are successful,” Senters-McDermott said.